The Smart Solution for your Personal Data Management and Online Privacy

  ‣ Keep track of who collects your personal data

  ‣ Monitor for potentially harmful events – data breach, unlawful handling

  ‣ Block trackers, request access, rectification, erasure, compensation

The most extensive data privacy and digital footprint extension for chrome

Why Privci?

As you navigate the internet, you leave traces of data behind. Your digital footprint grows larger, making it easier for internet companies or criminals to expose and exploit your true identity

Privci is an award-winning personal data management tool that gives you complete control over your personal data and privacy

Go online with confidence

Go online with confidence

If you submit personal data to a website, Privci keeps track of that website and monitors for potentially harmful events, including *data breaches, *unlawful handling, and questionable reputations

Don't let them follow you. Browse faster

Enhance the security and privacy of your browser

With Privci, the privacy and security of your browser are significantly improved through auto-detecting and blocking unwanted third-party and ad cookies, assessing the reputation of sites that request payment details, and clearing cookies from sites you temporarily visit

One step closer to the reality

One step closer to reality

While browsing the web, Privci automatically uncovers the privacy claims of websites you visit, providing you with answers to questions such as: What data is collected? How is data protected? How long is data retained? What you may have agreed to as a user of the website, and more…

Decide who keeps your personal data

Decide who keeps your personal data

Privci also comes with tools that enable you to easily and swiftly request access to, correct, or delete your personal data. Including tools that allow you to opt out of ad networks, direct marketing, and data brokers with just a few clicks

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Experience The Best of Privci

Equipped with state-of-the-art techniques, Privci Premium offers all the features provided by the free version plus a lot more

Privci Premium

Reveals additional facts about a website’s collection and use of your personal data

24/7 monitoring of websites with your personal data for potentially harmful events, including data breaches and unlawful handling

Best tool for reveling facts about a website’s collection and use of your personal data
Stay ahead of data breach and identity theft

Stay ahead of data breach and identity theft

Protect yourself from data breaches and identity theft with Privci Premium. Our advanced monitoring system keeps tabs on websites that collect your personal information, ensuring your data is handled safely.

Also comes with a range of tools to help you stay in control:

  • File claims for compensation if your data is mishandled
  • Stay on top of data brokers with your personal information
  • Prevent profilers from using your browsing history
  • Detect and block cross-site trackers that invade your privacy
  • Auto-ask privacy policies personal questions to ensure transparency
  • Receive a monthly report on your online exposure risk and more…

Set your own privacy policy

Optimise your online privacy and personal data management with Privci Premium

Online exposure threat prediction report

An intelligent monthly report outlining your online exposure, potential threats, and recommended actions

Auto-ask the privacy policy

Set a number of personal questions and get the answers you need to ensure your privacy is protected

Cross-border transfer threat

Know if your data will be transferred to a country without any data protection laws or to a country that you want to keep an eye on

Do not sell my data

Stay informed of data brokers with your data. Withdraw consent with a few clicks

Keep my browsing history clean

Stop profilers from using your browsing history

Prevent tracking

Protect your browsing data from cross-site trackers. Auto-block trackers and similar technologies

Stop advertisers, ad-networks

Auto-block unwanted third-party and advertising cookies

Try Privci Premium for FREE for 1 Month

You can cancel at any time!


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Privci?

In today’s data-driven society, website owners very often make a unilateral decision about what they’ll do with your data. It can be very confusing as a user which boxes to tick and where to click when it comes to agreeing what a website can do with your data. We’re very often on autopilot and websites strategically guide us to agree to certain terms without explaining the motives behind it.

Privci is a personal data management tool designed to protect your online privacy and identity. By demystifying the privacy claims of the websites you visit, we aim to provide you with relevant facts about the collection, sharing, transfer, protection, retention, and use of your personal data. As well as tools that help you manage your digital footprint and identity exposure.

Does Privci find the privacy policy of all the websites I visit?

Although we endeavor to find every website’s privacy policy, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to find them all. This is due to several reasons: – the dynamic format in which some sites are generated; – the protective measures implemented by some; – hosting privacy policy documents in an iframe; and so on.

For such cases, we have provided a ❛process❜ button and field. You can use these on websites where Privci was unable to find or access a privacy policy.

Does Privci check privacy policies in languages other than English?

At the moment we don’t as our AI can only process privacy policies that are written in English. If you are visiting a foreign website, please check if they provide an English version of their privacy policy so you can use the process button from our extension to process it.

What type of insights or questions does Privci answer?

The type of questions that Privci seeks to answers are driven by popular demand. We are always open to suggestions and feedback from our customers, so please use the contact form below to get in touch with our team and send any suggestions that you might have, so we can improve the service we offer.

Will Privci provide accurate answers to all relevant questions?

We aim to do so. However, Privci is based on several machine learning and natural language processing algorithms which we are continuously improving. Therefore, we can’t guarantee total accuracy but are happy to let you know that in the test environment, we were able to achieve more than 92% accuracy.

Does Privci work on mobile phones?

Currently we only provide a Best Privacy Chrome Extension for laptops and desktops, but we are currently working on a mobile app that should be available on both Google Play for Android OS and on Apple’s App Store for iOS.

Does Privci track my activities for digital footprinting?

Privci only cares about the privacy policy of the websites you visit. The majority of the services we provide are determined from processing their privacy policies. No tracking is performed nor are tracking cookies added to your computer.

What categories of digital footprint data does Privci monitor?

Privci allows you to keep track of both your passive and active digital footprint across 15 different data categories:

1 – Browser Attributes: Sites that collect data about the browser you are using, e.g., browser type, version, settings, plug-ins, user-agent, etc.

2 – Device Attributes: Sites that collect data about the device you are using, e.g., mac address, device type, device operating system, etc.

3 – Behavioural Data: Sites that gather data about your browsing behaviour, such as browsing patterns, mouse movement, pages viewed, etc.

4 – Email Tracking: Sites that track emails sent to you, such as if it has been opened, whether you clicked on any hyperlink in the email, etc.

5 – Other Websites: Sites that gather data about other sites you visit, such as the referring/exit pages, activities across different sites, etc.

6 – Your Searches: Sites that keep records of the searches you make, such as search terms used, your search history, etc.

7 – Time, Freq and Duration: Sites that record your access time, how often, or for how long you use their resources.

8 – Network, Mobile Operator: Sites that collect data about your network operator, such as your ISP, mobile operator, etc.

9 – Identifying Data: Sites you may have provided information that could on its own identify you, e.g., your name, government id, photo, etc.

10 – Direct Contact: Sites you may have provided data that can be used to contact you directly, such as your email or home address, etc.

11 – Financial Account: Sites you may have submitted your financial account details, such as your credit card data, bank account number, etc.

12 – Transactional Data: Sites that gather data about your purchases and spending habits, such as your purchase history.

13 – Communications: Sites that collect details about your interactions with others, such as email to others, private messages, IM, etc.

14 – Physical Characteristic: Sites you may have provided information about your physical characteristics, such as your age, gender, etc.

15 – Social Network: Sites that collect details about your social network, such as your contacts, address book, emails of your friends, etc.

Do you have any further questions?

We are always open to questions, feedback and suggestions


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