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Introducing Privci Enterprise

A revolutionary human risk management platform that helps companies make the most of their existing cybersecurity policies by transforming them into training and awareness while monitoring violations of statements within these policies.

It’s auto. It’s comprehensive. It’s effective. It’s low-cost.

Data breach monitoring

First Things First!

Once operational, Privci keeps track of websites that collect the personal information of employees, providing you with statistics about their data breach history, privacy claims, and reputation—a valuable starting point for behaviour risk assessment, data breach monitoring, and investigation—and will let you know when a breach occurs, who’s affected, so you can act immediately.

While tools like HaveIBeenPwned report on compromised if your data is publicly exposed or on the dark web, Privci takes it further. It not only keeps tabs on data breaches that are publicly disclosed or found on the dark web. It also tracks websites that have your personal information. Privci’s search results include data from both the dark web and the news, often before it even reaches the dark web. In fact, some data breaches never make it to the dark web, but Privci still catches them.

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Information Security Operations Manager, Travis Perkins plc

What To Expect

Privci’s ability to transform policy documents into training and awareness and to monitor violations of statements within these policies provides an opportunity for companies to enjoy an increase in knowledge and compliance among users, improve analyst productivity, improve threat detection and prevention, and generate valuable behavioural insights while saving on cost and effort.

Privci’s solution also features simulated phishing tests, browser security, and user support in the form of policy-related answers in addition to ensuring users read and acknowledge policies as necessary.

The best part? It’s all fully automated, so users don’t have to stress about constantly monitoring and intervening.

Engaging Security Awareness Training

Take a modern approach to security awareness training. Transform your existing cybersecurity policies into a continuous, automated, and point-based training and awareness program.

Advanced Phishing Simulator

Experience automated phishing simulations that are AI-powered and mimic real-world attacks. Provide real-time feedback to employees, so they can learn to recognise and avoid them.

Enhanced Browser Security

Improve the privacy and security of employee browsers. Auto-block trackers, profilers, and advertisers. Prevent access to or data sharing on questionable websites to safeguard sensitive information.

Valuable Behaviour Insights

Gather valuable information about employees’ behaviour and the websites that collect their personal information. Monitor potential violations of key statements in your cybersecurity and acceptable use policy.

Continuous Dark Web Monitoring

Keep a constant watch on the dark web and the news for any breaches involving your company emails. Stay informed about compromised data, affected employees, and the reputation of the compromised site.

Automated Policy Read and Acknowledge

Ensure employees read and understand cybersecurity policies with our automated features. Access built-in policies and templates for regulations like HIPAA and GDPR. Track acknowledgments in real-time to demonstrate compliance.

Real-time Feedback and Threat Analysis

Stay updated on your organisation’s risk posture with real-time feedback and threat analysis. Identify employees with a problematic online presence, accounts on breached websites, and significant policy violations.

Streamline Compliance Efforts with Ease

Facilitate compliance with regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR, and PCI DSS. Our comprehensive tools and features significantly contribute to the process, allowing you to focus on core business operations while maintaining data security and privacy.

Increase Acceptance with Personal Value

Privci understands the importance of offering a personalised touch that enables users to connect with and derive personal value from training. Which is why its personalised approach is further strengthened by the inclusion of a Personal Data Management tool for users’ own use.



Intelligent, personalised monthly reports to employees outlining their behaviour risk, online exposure, violations, and potential threats to them and the organisation, along with tailored recommendations to promote improvement.

How It’s Done

Privci utilises our highly acclaimed Premium Extension to provide employees with the necessary knowledge and support. Using advanced AI techniques, Privci is able to understand the specific requirements of a cybersecurity policy, such as your email acceptable use, internet use, clear desk, and password policies. This understanding allows Privci to actively monitor your environment for potential policy violations and provide security awareness training and user support as needed.

Best tool for personal data management and protection.

It’s not all about training

Privci goes beyond monitoring and training by also keeping a close watch on the dark web and the latest news to quickly identify any breaches involving your company. It also includes AI-powered phishing simulations that imitate real-world attacks, offering immediate feedback to help employees learn how to recognise and avoid phishing attempts.

Struggling to ensure that your policies reach employees? Privci’s automated policy read-and-acknowledge feature ensures that employees read and acknowledge their understanding of your cybersecurity policies. It also provide the ability for users to ask policy-related questions, with responses sourced directly from your company’s cybersecurity policies.

Its real-time feedback and threat dashboard keep you informed about the risk status of your organisation and help you identify employees with problematic online behaviour or exposure, while its comprehensive browser security feature enhances users’ privacy and security while they browse.

You don’t need to be a cybersecurity expert to get started, and there’s no need for any intervention on your part. Privci is entirely automated, which means you can save time and resources while addressing human-related threats in real time.

Policy Violation Monitoring
information security policy violation
information security policy violation

Violation Prompts, Quiz, and Earn Points

On-time violation monitoring prompts that help employees understand their mistakes and learn from them.

Including the opportunity to:

  • take an on-the-go cybersecurity policy-related quiz and earn points;

  • ask policy-related questions with responses sourced directly from the company’s cybersecurity policies.

  • “Tell me more” for details about the violation.

Efficient at establishing a workplace culture of awareness and compliance.


Simulated Phishing Tests

Phishing Tests

Automated phishing simulations that mimic real-world phishing attacks

Provides real-time feedback to employees, so they can learn to recognise and avoid them.

Simulations that contribute to the overall behaviour risk score.

Dark Web Monitoring

Maintain a continuous scan of company emails on the dark web.

Know when a breach occurs at a website with employee or company data, what information was compromised, and which employees are affected. Investigate incidents using a readily available dark web search tool.

Dark Web Monitoring
Browser Upgrade

Browser Upgrade

Upgrade user browsers to an enterprise-grade leveL

  • Stop trackers, clear user history
  • Block websites with bad reputations
  • Remove unwanted cookies
  • Identify potential data brokers
  • Opt-out tools and assistance

Real-time Feedback & Threat Analysis

Stay on top of potential threats (Red-flagged employees)

  • Which employees have problematic behaviour or exposure
  • Which employees have accounts on numerous websites with a history of data breach
  • Which policy requirements are violated the most frequently
  • Which employees are the most negligent, and more
Behaviour risk score

Important Facts to Consider

At Privci, we understand the ever-evolving challenges of cybersecurity, and our tailored solutions are designed to address these alarming facts head-on.


of cyber breaches are caused by human error or behaviour (phishing, weak passwords, neglecting updates, etc.) (Verizon, 2020)


of employees admit to using the same passwords for work and personal accounts (TechRepublic, 2021)


of confirmed data breaches involve leveraging weak, stolen, or default passwords (Verizon, 2021)

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In the modern workplace, users can be anywhere—on campus or remotely—with corporate resources and data accessed from on-premises data centres or in the cloud. Browsers are the tools that connect these distributed users and resources, making them the most-used applications in the enterprise.

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With particular emphasis on browsers, Privci not only promotes compliance with existing cybersecurity policies and best practices where they matter most, but also protects corporate data by upgrading users’ browsers to an enterprise-grade level.

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